Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program (WRAP)

Manager: Battle Laboratory Integration and Technology Directorate, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)

Summary:A program for purchasing limited quantities of prototype equipment or systems to provide initial operational capability, to continue evaluation, or to complete development.

Program Process:

  • Ideas submitted to TRADOC Battle Labs by military and civilian organizations.
  • Ideas screened, some chosen for more detailed development.
  • Candidates undergo multi-stage Army evaluation.
  • Congress must approve final choices.
  • Approved projects receive funding for 2 years.

Technology Maturity Level: Systems must be almost fully developed: capable of reaching a Milestone III (Milestone C) decision within 2 years.

Award Size: No specified amounts.

Program Size: About $30M in FY00.

Format Requirements for Topic Submission: Varies with Battle Lab.

Criteria for Selecting Topics:

  • Military relevance and urgency
  • Success in prior evaluations, most commonly an Advanced Warfighting Experiment (AWE), Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD), Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD), Battle Lab Warfighting Experiment (BLWE), Concept Exploration Program (CEP), Advanced Concepts and Technology (ACT II), or similar
  • Affordable, now and in the future.

USAMRMC Participation:

  • Topic development


TRADOC Battle Labs receive ideas Anytime
Battle Lab selections to TRADOC HQs Jul (Even Numbered Years)
TRADOC, Dept. Army review Oct-Mar
Awards announced Jun

USAMRMC Recent History: Command has not participated.


  • GPS Single Channel Ground to Air Radio System (SINCGARS)
  • Close Combat Tactical Trainer
  • Rifle Launched Entry Munitions
  • Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck – Load Handling System
  • Digital Topographic Support System – Light
  • Forward Repair System Heavy
Last Modified Date: 18-Mar-2010