Commercial Operations and Support Savings Initiative (COSSI)

Manager: Office of the Undersecretary of Defense (Science and Technology)

Summary: A program to insert new commercial technologies into fielded military systems to lower support costs.

Program Process:

  • COSSI office of USD(S&T) solicits topics.
  • Military organizations develop topics, seek endorsement of parent services.
  • Proposals are evaluated and selected for award by the COSSI office.

Technology Maturity Level: Fully mature: Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS).

Award Size: Usually $200K to $1.5M.

Program Size: About $10M annually

Format Requirements for Topic Submission: Economic analysis and military service assurance concerning availability of funds for acquisition.

Criteria for Selecting Proposals:

  • Estimated savings, supported by NPV economic analysis
  • Endorsement by military service
  • Technical and management plan
  • Current and future estimated availability of COTS item
  • Portion of costs military department willing to share
  • Performance of modified system: equal or better than current.

USAMRMC Participation:

  • Develop candidate topics


Call for projects by COSSI office Feb
Proposals due to COSSI May
Selections announced Jul

USAMRMC Recent History: Command has not participated.


  • Project to automate process of removing old paint and rust from outer hull bottom surfaces of naval ships
  • Project to add a modified COTS Electronic Performance Support System to reduce maintenance costs on P3 aircraft engines
  • Project concerning a universal IV infusion adapter compatible with all syringes, IV infusion sets, catheters, etc. (USAMRMC topic).
Last Modified Date: 12-Jan-2010