Concept Experimentation Program (CEP)

Note: CEP is the only program discussed that can bring funds into USAMRMC.

Manager: TRADOC

Web Sites: Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC)

Summary: A program to evaluate new technology, materiel, or concepts, either in field demonstrations or (less often) written analyses.

Program Process:

  • TRADOC solicits topics from its schools and Battle Labs, and from the AMEDD Center and School.
  • TRADOC evaluates and selects.
  • TRADOC awards funds for projects to be completed in one year or less.

Technology Maturity Level: Widely ranging, but most often on relatively mature concepts.

Award Size: Not fixed, but generally less than $500K

Program Size: About $9M for FY002.

Format Requirements for Topic Submission: USAMRMC submits relatively short (one to two pages) narratives describing proposed Phase I topics.

Selection criteria for Draft Topics: On Hold

Topic Format: Format for submissions ("resume") on a TRADOC website and in TRADOC Pamphlet 71-9 Appendix E. El

Selection criteria for topics ("resumes"):

  • Technical quality
  • Feasibility
  • Cost
  • Military relevance

USAMRMC Participation:

  • Develop topics
  • Carry out studies


USAMRMC submission to AMEDD Center and School March
AMEDD Center and School submission to TRADOC May
Awards announced Sept

USAMRMC Recent History: significant participation, but may be limited by availability of funds.

Comments: Program has high visibility with Congress, financed by a tax on all 6.1 � 6.3 research funds.


  • Field evaluations
    • Tactical deployment of a 44-Bed Hospital Module
    • Functional suitability of the Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle (AMEV).
    • Use of the pop up bed net
    • Unmanned platforms to assist in distribution based re-supply
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