Environmental Protection


  • Principal staff advisor to the Command on environmental matters.
  • Develops and implements Command environmental policies & regulations.
  • Reviews/Coordinates intramural and extramural contracts for compliance with Army regulations.
  • Performs surveys, audits and site visits to ensure environmental compliance in intramural and extramural programs.
  • Provides advice and assistance to the Ft. Detrick Environmental Office.
  • Maintains Army pesticide registration on permethrin use on uniforms and during deployment.

Regulations, Policies & Requirements

Regulations & Policies

Requirements for Contracts, Grants and Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

  • In keeping with the National Environmental Policy Act, the USAMRMC examines all medical research, development and acquisition projects for their potential environmental impacts.
  • Offerers notified that their proposal is being considered for an award must submit a Certificate of Environmental Compliance in conformance with the format established in Appendix 8 of the USAMRAA BAA 99-1.
  • Although most research conducted in established laboratories are exempt from the requirements of NEPA, there are exceptions (see Environmental Analysis of Army Actions (AR 200-2)). If an exception arises (e.g. research in BSL-3 or 4 laboratories), an Environmental Assessment or Environmental Impact Statement may be required.

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