USAMRMC MEDLOG Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map

Mission: Plan, synchronize and provide medical logistics for health service suppot to forces conducting joint and full spectrum operations.

Vision: A fully integrated enterprise providing America's premier medical team with innovative medical logistics solutions.

USAMRMC MEDLOG Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map Information Flow
Strategic Goals Financial Learning & Growth Internal Process Customer & Stakeholder
Enhance Customer & Stakeholder Relationships   LG1: Build the Army MEDLOG Enterprise IP1: Enhance Strategic Communications IP2: Build and Sustain Collaborative nad Integrated Strategic Partnerships CS1: Understand Customer and Stakeholder Needs
Increase Readiness     IP3: Implemnet and Integrated Life Cycle Mgt Approach IP4: Develop Innovative Procurement & Contracting Solutions IP5: Develop Enterprise Capabilities for Medical Equipment Maintenance IP6: Perform Enterprise Supply Chain Management CS2: Increase the Readiness of the Operating and Generating Force
Optimize Resources F1: Allocate Resources Strategically LG2: Recruit and Retain the "Best" LG3: Improve Professional Training and Development LG4: Improve Knowledge Based Logistics IP7: Develop Enterprise-level Planning and Prioritization Capability CS3: Optimize Enterprise Resources
Last Modified Date: 11-Dec-2009