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Civilian Personnel

Personnel Demonstation Project:

The Personnel Demonstration Project (PDP), implemented at USAMRMC, Fort Detrick, Maryland, experiments with new and different personnel management concepts to determine whether such changes in personnel policy or procedures would result in improved Federal personnel management. Visit the PDP web site!

Civilian Awards:

Army Directive 2018-20 (Army Civilian Service Recognition) established an additional opportunity to acknowledge the dedicated service of the Department of the Army Civilian workforce. Army Civilian service recognition does not replace career service emblems and US Office of Personnel Management certificates awarded to civilians in recognition of credited Federal Government service. There are three new service recognitions: one at the 1 year point (bronze pin); one at the 10 year point (silver pin); and one for retirement (gold pin). Employees can receive one pin under each category, as applicable.

For Further information, please consult Army Directive 2018-20

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Military Personnel

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Last Modified Date: 01-Nov-2018