Office of Regulated Activities

Ebola Virus Emergency Use Authorizations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration maintains a web page containing current and terminated Emergency Use Authorizations that make available diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices to diagnose and respond to public health emergencies.

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Reporting Information

  • The Office of Regulated Activities (ORA) is a multidisciplinary team of regulatory affairs and clinical compliance professionals dedicated to supporting the�USAMRMC mission of developing Food and Drug Administration regulated medical products for the Warfighter. The ORA provides full-service, oversight, and consultation for regulatory, clinical, non-clinical, manufacturing, data management, and biostatistics support for FDA regulated drug, biologic, medical device, and combination products.
  • Levels of Support
    • Full support for The Surgeon General-Department of the Army sponsored products and research efforts
    • Oversight for all TSG-DA sponsored products contracted out to Contract Research Organizations
    • Oversight for contracted product development for non-TSG sponsored products
    • Consultation/Advisory Services for non-TSG-DA sponsored activities
  • The ORA is organized into a Regulatory Business Support Office and�seven integrated Branches that provide consistent, competent and timely management and oversight for FDA-Regulated products. Regulatory support begins with the initial regulatory strategy and throughout advanced development, to mitigate risk and accelerate the delivery of FDA-Regulated products to Service Members.

ORA Functional Chart

ORA Org Chart
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Last Modified Date: 10-Nov-2011