Congressional Special Interest Programs

The USAMRMC has been entrusted by Congress to manage and execute appropriated funds for Congressional special interest (CSI) medical research, development, test and evaluation efforts and procurement activities. The CSI appropriations are not requested by the Department of Defense (DoD); they are added to the DoD budget by Congress. From 1990 through 2015, the USAMRMC has executed CSI program appropriations totaling over $14.8 billion.

The USAMRMC's vision for CSI programs is to:

  1. Meet the intent of Congress
  2. Support good quality ethical science in both the civilian and military health care sectors in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  3. Leverage CSI efforts to maximize the military relevance for the Warfighter, Families and beneficiaries

The majority of USAMRMC CSI appropriations are executed through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, the primary extramural S&T Execution Management Activity.

CSI efforts which may be directly relevant to existing Department of Defense or Army medical research and development programs may be directly managed by/or are provided additional scientific guidance and direction from the USAMRMC science and technology research programs and/or advanced development program managers.

Communications with any Member of Congress, their staff, Professional Staff or Congressional Committees should always be through appropriate Legislative Liaison channels in accordance with Army Regulation 1-20 and USAMRMC Command Policy.

Last Modified Date: 20-Jan-2016