Medical Materiel Overview

flat earth map showing approximate locations for USAMRMC medical logistics activites

The Command's major responsibilities in the dynamic and diverse medical materiel arena center around these core competencies:

  • Oversee materiel acquisition and logistics functions as part of the medical research, development, and acquisition program
  • Execute strategic-level medical logistics readiness and other critical health care programs
  • Conduct operational logistics and single integrated medical logistics management in peacetime and during contingencies
  • Promote planning, modernization, and technology improvements as part of life-cycle management for Army medical treatment facilities and health facility programs

The USAMRMC performs its critical materiel missions across these major Army processes: force management, force projection, and force sustainment. As part of its role in force management, the Command participates in and conducts technology watch, materiel development, acquisition logistics, and materiel distribution. Fundamental to this role are the materiel assessment, procurement, fielding, and follow-on support for improved or new medical equipment, organizations, and medical facilities. In the realm of force projection, the USAMRMC centrally manages several readiness programs for the Army and The Surgeon General. These programs include the acquisition, storage, distribution, and transfer of pre-positioned stocks located ashore and afloat, as well as medical chemical defense packages, short shelf-life pharmaceuticals, and other materiel. Integral to this support are partnerships with defense organizations and industry. The Command also supports deployable medical logistics support teams.

Within the area of force sustainment, the Command is constantly exploring and employing innovative methods to meld automated information technology with logistics and transportation best business practices. Such focused logistics initiatives provide more efficient and accurate ways to deliver and manage precision packages and biomedical maintenance capabilities.

Last Modified Date: 20-Nov-2009