Strategy Management

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US Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA)


Plan, Synchronize, and Promote Medical Logistics for Health Service Support to Forces Conducting Joint and Full-Spectrum Operations by:

  • Equipping and Sustaining the Medical Force
  • Managing Medical Materiel Life Cycle Projects
  • Managing Strategic Centralized Programs
  • Advancing Organizational Performance Excellence


A Fully Integrated Enterprise Providing America’s Premier Medical Team With Innovative Medical Logistics Solutions.

Directorates and Program Mangement Offices:

  • Force Protection Directorate
  • Force Sustainment Directorate
  • Support Operations Directorate
  • Medical Maintenance Management Directorate
  • Program Management Office, Medical Devices
  • Program Management Office, Integrated Clinical Systems
  • Deputy Commander for Support Directorate

USAMMA Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map (1.12 MB)

Last Modified Date: 22-Mar-2010