Students Have Fun While Learning Science and Math

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The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command's Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science (better known as GEMS) program has begun for the summer of 2012.

The GEMS program prepares middle and high school students in the studies of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (also known as STEM). Students participate in week-long internships at Hood College in Frederick, Md., or Hagerstown (Md.) Community College. These young students work in state-of-the-art science laboratories in small groups being led by "Near-Peer Mentors." These Near-Peer Mentors are college-level role models for the younger students, encouraging the pursuit of STEM courses and study.

The students have a great time solving crimes, working with DNA, and conducting environmental experiments. They are able to test out the Van der Graff machine, which is a spherical generator that produces "lightning" and makes people's hair stand on end, and they can also race their battlebots!

Check out the YouTube video on the USAMRMC YouTube site at to get an idea of how much fun the students are having, all the while learning more about science and mathematics.

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Last Modified Date: 26-Nov-2012