USAMRICD Soldier is a Great Example of Determination and Selfless Service

Sgt. Nydia Conder earned the 2009 USAMRICD's Soldier of the Year competition
Sgt. Nydia Conder earned the 2009 USAMRICD's Soldier of the Year competition.

Sgt. Nydia Conder is a 68KP9 who's stationed at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Conder's responsibility includes the DoD Chemical Personnel Reliability Program, where she serves as a custodian for Non-Regulated Chemical Agents and Exempt Chemical Surety Material chemical warfare agent material. She also serves as an instructor for both Medical Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties and Field Management of Chemical and Biological Casualties courses at USAMRICD.

Apart from her technical duties at USAMRICD, Conder volunteered and assumed the position as the Chairperson for the 2009 USAMRICD MWR Holiday Extravaganza and the fundraising Chairman. She was solely responsible for the planning, executing and orchestrating the event. Conder had to budget for the festivities and ensure all monies were properly handled and dispensed of. Conder was instrumental by raising over $16,000 during the year, which not only contributed success of the Holiday Extravaganza, but aided in the highly successful USAMRICD Organizational Day earlier that summer. She volunteered over 160 off-duty hours planning, cooking, and purchasing supplies, and working the fundraisers throughout the year. She even organized fundraising events.

In addition to her daily duties, her duties as the MWR Fundraiser Chairperson, and duties as the MWR Holiday Extravaganza Chairperson, Conder had yet another goal she wanted to attain. She wanted to be Soldier of the Year for USAMRICD and win the Best Warrior Competition at USAMRMC. Somehow, finding time throughout the months prior, she studied, practiced and trained for USAMRICD's Soldier of the Year. Her hard work had a silver lining; she earned the 2009 USAMRICD's Soldier of the Year competition. After bestowing this honor, Conder was back to work preparing for USAMRMC's Best Warrior Competition and planning USAMRICD's Holiday Extravaganza. Knowing that the Competition was only a few days before the Holiday Extravaganza, she was determined that nothing would be compromised. SPC Conder did compete. Though she did not win the competition, she was force to be reckoned with and continuously gave 100% and in the eyes of her leaders, she was a winner. Her Extravaganza just a couple of days after the competition, was a huge success.

Conder was promoted to sergeant Jan. 1. Conder was recognized for her dedication and selfless service with an Army Achievement Medal. She was also presented with USAMRICD Commander's Coin of Excellence.

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