New Military Website Complements On-Post Parenting Resources

A number of resources are available to assist military parents in managing the demands of parenting

A number of local and online resources are available to the Fort Detrick community to assist military parents in managing the demands of parenting. (Photo courtesy of Defense Department)

The Defense Department is helping parents communicate with their children through a free, online course that presents a "boot camp" approach to parenting basics. The site augments ongoing activities at Fort Detrick's Army Community Services such as its Parent Support Program.

The DoD website, offers interactive modules that help parents deal with issues unique to military families. A Defense Department release states the course helps parents and their children manage the uncertainties of military life. Stories about children living with a parent's physical and emotional injuries help parents understand what their own children may not be able to express.

"The demands of parenting are difficult, especially for a military parent," said Dr. Pam Murphy, psychologist for the parenting website at the National Center for Telehealth & Technology. "It's a daily challenge for them to stay close and connected with their children with the frequent separations and hazards of a military lifestyle."

According to ACS Family Advocacy Program Manager Lisa Homer, the new website compliments on-post service offerings. "I think it is excellent for those parents who have deployed and are reintegrating into the family," she said.

The Fort Detrick ACS provides a range of one-on-one and group support services for families seeking more individualized assistance. Registered nurse Kathy Sullivan assists families that are expecting a child or with children under 4 through ACS' Parent Support Program. The program offers home visits and a number of scheduled play groups. Homer in turn, assists families with children over the age of 4, providing guidance and parenting education by appointment.

At Fort Detrick, whether in person or online, a number of resources are available for military families to help them nurture strong, well-connected families.

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Last Modified Date: 04-Nov-2013