Fort Detrick Commended on 207 Days Incident Free

Photo by Dave Rolls

Photo by Dave Rolls.

Command Sgt. Maj. Kevin B. Stuart of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick had great news to deliver at the quarterly Senior Enlisted Meeting at the Community Activities Center Sept 7.

"We [Fort Detrick] went over 207 days with no incidents or accidents related to alcohol," said Stuart.

Fort Detrick strongly advocates the safety and health protection of the individuals working on base. Such an achievement was a result of the hard work and dedication of many.

"Each and everyone one of us plays a part in being vigilant," said Stuart, "thank you all for the vigilance that you put each and every day on safety."

The attendees of these quarterly meetings include senior non-commissioned officers -- Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine alike -- for the purpose of informing, educating and sharing information. These meetings provide senior NCO's with not only the opportunity to verbalize any issues and concerns they may have happening within their individual units, but also to obtain information from selected speakers involved in that particular session and pass that information back to the Soldiers in their units.

The primary focus of this meeting placed particular emphasis on four key areas: safety and security success, counseling, retention and education. Speakers included Toni Lewis, Education Service specialist; Laura Cole, Housing manager; Pam Tucker, Army Emergency Relief Program manager and Financial Readiness Program manager; and Cynthia Harne, Family Advocacy Program manager.

Command Sgt. Maj. Federico E. Boyce, U.S. Army Garrison, helped lead the meeting alongside Stuart, making sure all issues and concerns were addressed and noted to be passed along to the appropriate individuals for resolution.

The Command is proud of the 207 days without incident.

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Last Modified Date: 26-Sep-2011