Fort Detrick Applauds Graduates at 3rd Annual Recognition Ceremony

Fort Detrick recognized 17 military and civilian graduates in a June 7 ceremony hosted by the Detrick Center for Training and Education Excellence. (Photo by: Doug Valentine)

Fort Detrick recognized 17 military and civilian graduates in a June 7 ceremony hosted by the Detrick Center for Training and Education Excellence. Family and friends came out to offer their congratulations and show their support to those taking part in the 3rd Annual Fort Detrick Recognition Ceremony. Recipients donned their ceremonial attire, ready to receive their awards for their academic achievements.

Peggy Kunka, DCTEE program manager welcomed guests and said, “It is our pleasure to have you all here today and to honor our military and civilian students for their academic achievements of the past year.”

Col. Judith Robinson, Fort Detrick U.S. Army Garrison commander, delivered the opening remarks and welcomed guest speaker Dr. Carol W. Eaton, president of Frederick Community College.

“As a college president, this is my favorite time of year,” said Eaton, and “I am very pleased to have been asked to join you today on this special occasion. With Frederick Community College right next door, it seems our partnership is a natural.”

Eaton is the seventh president of FCC, the vice-chair of the Executive Committee and chair of the Maryland Council of Community College Presidents, a member of the Association of Community College Trustees Committee of Presidents, and a board member of the American Association of Community Colleges. Before joining FCC, Eaton served as the vice chancellor for Community Colleges at the State University of New York.

“You, as graduates, have demonstrated that you know where you are going. Many hours of hard work, dedication and sacrifice, you have completed an important academic credential,” said Eaton, and “the skills you have learned will indeed serve you well. Your college education will have important benefits now and throughout your life.”

Eaton continued on with her motivational words, encouraging graduates to continue moving forward in their educational careers.

“On behalf of society we thank you,” concluded Eaton. “I wish you all the best.”

The ceremony continued as Robinson and Eaton jointly presented each graduate with an award recognizing their stellar academic accomplishments.

Whitney Cruey, a student clerical assistant for the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command Resource Management Department, was all smiles as she received praise on her recently earned Masters of Education from the University of Maryland at College Park.

“I am very proud of myself for being able to complete my Masters degree. I know that higher education will not only improve my marketability in the job force, but will improve the lives of my three children as well” said Cruey. “As a mother and a teacher I understand the value of education and I recognize this as a milestone in the never-ending pursuit of education and knowledge. I hope my passion inspires others to always keep reaching and never stop learning.”

Cruey plans to continue on her with her official education, working towards either a degree in Law or her Doctorate.

Another graduate, Staff Sgt. Delewis M. Lawrence, senior driver to the USAMRMC commanding general, James K. Gilman, recently received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Administration from Trident University International.

“It’s a great feeling to set a goal and finally see it accomplished,” said Lawrence. “All the hard work, late nights and frustration were worth it.” Lawrence plans to continue on with his education, beginning his pursuit towards a Master’s Degree in Organizational Management.

Robinson concluded the ceremony with final remarks, “I challenge each one of you to take the degree level that you are at and to take it up a notch.”


  • Shannon Fowlkes – Associate of Arts, University of Maryland University College
  • Spc. Amber Huskinson – Associate of Science, George Washington University
  • Sgt. Craig Pryor – Associate of Applied Science, Columbia Southern University
  • Staff Sgt. Delewis M. Lawrence – Bachelor of Science, Trident University International
  • Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Payton – Master of Science in Health Care Management, Trident University International
  • Whitney Cruey – Master of Education, University of Maryland College Park
  • Nicole Dyson – Associate of Arts in Business Administration and General Studies, Frederick Community College
  • Cavelle Watson – Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Studies, University of Maryland University College
  • Maj. Pedro Bonilla-Vazquez – Master in Public Health, California College for Health Sciences
  • Patricia Harris – Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix
  • Rebecca Hunlen – Bachelor of Business Administration, Strayer University
  • Petty Officer 2nd Class Julius Wiseman III – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Trident University International
  • Petty Officer 1st Class Raneydel A. Bias – Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, Trident University International
  • Randy Harris – Master of Business Administration, Strayer University
  • Spc. Luis Raez – Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Technology, Thomas Edison State College
  • Staff Sgt. Demetrius Gregory – Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management, Trident University International
  • Staff Sgt. Leo Chandler – Associate of General Studies, Central Texas College

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Last Modified Date: 20-Jun-2011