Annual Meeting Provides Opportunities for Collaboration and Innovation between U.S. and Korea

Members of the USAMRMC and the Republic of Korea Armed Forces Medical Command

Members of the USAMRMC and the Republic of Korea Armed Forces Medical Command assembled at Fort Detrick, Md., for their annual meeting Sept. 17-18.

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command welcomed visitors from the Republic of Korea Armed Forces Medical Command to Fort Detrick, Md., as a part of the 42nd annual Technology Cooperation Sub-Committee, Medical Working Group Sept. 17-18.

Six representatives traveled from Korea to discuss important and emerging topics in military health care. The visitors met with USAMRMC personnel for two days of collaborative discussions on topics such as traumatic brain injury, pain management, regenerative medicine, and vaccine development.

Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho, U.S. Army Surgeon General, participated in the meeting via teleconference.

The meeting's primary objective was to exchange ideas and discuss potential opportunities for collaboration. Scheduled annually, the TCSC meeting allows for ongoing talks and progress reports on topics from previous meetings and provides a forum to introduce new topics and prospective joint efforts. At the conclusion, the two groups set the agenda and proposed dates for the 2013 TCSC meeting.

In addition to the meeting dialogue, attendees were given a tour of the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Md.

"The 42nd annual TCSC meeting was a huge success," said Dr. George Ludwig, USAMRMC deputy principal assistant for Research and Technology. "The quality of the presentations and the impact of discussions about the presentations were unprecedented. This meeting will undoubtedly lead to improved collaboration and interaction in the coming year."

USAMRMC members said they are proud to participate in this long tradition, and they await future opportunities to work with the ROK AFMC.

"We are definitely looking forward to the 43rd annual meeting next year in Seoul," said Ludwig.

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Last Modified Date: 01-Oct-2012