USAMRMC Leadership, Staff Participate in Multi-Domain Battlefield Concept Seminar

USAMRMC leadership and staff

On Jan. 10, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command participated in a seminar workshop provided by the commander of the U.S. Training and Doctrine Command via video teleconference.

USAMRMC leadership and staff listened to TRADOC Commander Gen. David Perkins as he spoke on multi-domain battlefield concept at the USAMRMC headquarters building and the Fort Detrick Community Activities Center.

"It was a fascinating look at where our Army came from and where we are going," said USAMRMC Secretary of the General Staff Maj. Sara Harmon.

The seminar was an opportunity for those at the USAMRMC to familiarize and learn about future concepts on how the Army will organize and operate in a multi-domain battlefield. After he was finished speaking, Perkins fielded questions from the audience.

As the future face of combat changes, the USAMRMC is doing its part to be prepared for the future of military medicine in a joint force, multi-domain battlefield.

Photo credit: Crystal Maynard, USAMRMC Public Affairs.

Last Modified Date: 17-Jan-2017