PAA trainers and AFRIMS members
USAMRMC's Principal Assistant for Acquisition, Dr. Kenneth Bertram, recently led a three-person team to teach the Intermediate Medical Acquisition Course to the Armed Forces Institute of Medical Sciences in Bangkok, Thailand. The IMAC is a Defense Acquisition University-certified training required for many members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce for certification. By conducting the course in Thailand rather than bringing the AFRIMS students to Fort Detrick, the USAMRMC was able to save funds and reduce disruptions to ongoing research at the AFRIMS. In addition to assisting with the course instruction, Dawn Rosarius, Civilian Deputy to the PAA and the Army Medical Department Acquisition Career Management Advocate, was able to provide face-to-face counseling and assistance to the AFRIMS workforce on their acquisition career and training needs. (Photo by AFRIMS VI)
Last Modified Date: 18-Nov-2013