USAMRIID Warriors Win Fort Detrick Softball Championship

USAMRIID Warriors Softball Team

Fort Detrick's softball season came to an end this week when the USAMRIID Warriors beat Ft. Detrick's F.O.G, 12-10. USAMRIID's team captain Sgt. Chad Thornton said, "It's really tough to win as many games as we did, when you always have people missing due to PCS, TDY, and leave. It's a testament to the versatility that our players showed in being able to play multiple positions. We beat a really good F.O.G. team that had beaten us four times during the regular season."

USAMRIID has had a winning athletic year adding the softball championship to winning the 2009 football championship and 2010 volleyball championship.

Last Modified Date: 24-Aug-2010