USAISR Kicks Off Combined Federal Campaign in September

Capt. K.C. Dunham

U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research Combined Federal Campaign Project Officer, Capt. K.C. Dunham, fills out a CFC pledge form. His goal is to make 100 percent contact with USAISR personnel and a total of $25,000 contribution to the CFC. (Photo by Steven Galvan, USAISR Public Affairs)

The U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research will kick off the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign Sept. 25 and will run until Oct. 9. This year's USAISR CFC Project Officer Capt. K.C. Dunham said the once-a-year campaign is an opportunity for military and Federal employees to donate a tax deductible contribution to an agency or agencies of their choice.

"The CFC is not a charitable agency," Dunham said. "It is a service provided to all federal employees to help them meet their charitable objectives through a convenient, efficient and reliable way of contributing."

Contributions to the CFC can be made through a monthly payroll deduction or by a one-time contribution. The first payroll deduction will commence on Jan. 1 and will continue through Dec. 31. The allotment will automatically terminate at the end of the year.

"A modest routine paycheck deduction can add up to a meaningful total gift," Dunham added.

Last year, the San Antonio CFC raised more than 5.3 million dollars benefiting local, national and international agencies.

Dunham said every contribution can make a difference and provided this information:

Your annual contribution of:

  • $500 can provide food, clothing and shelter for three people left without money or belongings following a disaster such as fire, flood or earthquake
  • $450 can pay for the drilling of a clean water well for three villages, preventing devastating waterborne diseases
  • $400 can fund an annual membership to a boys and girls club for 40 underprivileged children
  • $300 can provide 36 blankets to children in a refugee camp
  • $200 can buy schoolbooks and supplies for eight children for one year
  • $150 can provide two hours of speech therapy services for a child unable to speak properly, or cover the cost of diagnostic lab cultures for four children
  • $125 can make possible two nights of shelter and food for a battered woman and child, in addition to counseling and legal referral for the mother; or provide two months of transportation to kidney dialysis treatment
  • $100 can immunize 20 children against measles, tetanus, whooping cough, tuberculosis, diphtheria and polio
  • $50 can make an important contribution to research that could help find the cure to many diseases

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Last Modified Date: 04-Sep-2014