6MLMC Professional Development Program Takes Soldiers on Pentagon Tour

6th MLMC soldiers toured the Pentagon

As part of a professional development program, 6th MLMC soldiers toured the Pentagon Nov. 14 where they had a chance to visit the office of the Army Chief of Staff. (Photo by Capt. Seungho Kang)

Soldiers of the 6th Medical Logistics Management Center traveled to the Pentagon as part of a professional development program Nov. 14.

During a tour, about 30 soldiers had the opportunity to walk in the same corridors of the military and civilian personnel that work in the headquarters of the Department of Defense. During the tour of the Chiefs Corridor, soldiers had the chance to be in the office of the Army Chief of Staff and remember victims when they were in the 9/11 memorial room.

Throughout the trip they also grasped how the Department of Defense coordinated with other agencies at a strategic level.

"It's a great experience to take a glimpse of the many symbolic moments in military history," said Spc. Kaitlyn A. Arndt.

Added Spc. Ebony J. Johnson, "It's comforting to see memorial quilts with faces of victims hang on the wall and reminds us that they may be gone, but they will never be forgotten."

As the tour came to an end, they stopped by the Hall of Heroes that displayed all of the Medal of Honor recipients.

6th MLMC Commander Col. Anthony R. Nesbitt said, "We will continue to plan various activities as part of our professional development focused on the strategic environment. We will also visit White House and other government agencies."

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Last Modified Date: 04-Dec-2013