Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Scientist Named 2010 Sleep Research Society Young Investigator

Dr. Tracy Rupp

Dr. Tracy Rupp, research psychologist, Division of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Department of Behavioral Biology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research has been named the recipient of the 2010 Sleep Research Society Young Investigator Award.

Rupp will receive the award at the Association of Professional Sleep Societies meeting in San Antonio June 5-9.

Within the sleep research community, this is the highest honor possible for a young investigator. Winners are selected by the Sleep Research Society based on scientific excellence as reflected in a recent publication. Rupp's award winning publication is: Rupp TL, Wesensten NJ, Bliese PD, Balkin TJ. Banking sleep: realization of benefits during subsequent sleep restriction and recovery. Sleep. 2009 Mar 1;32(3):311-21.

Rupp has doctorate degree and masters in science degree in experimental psychology from Brown University and a bachelor's degree in psychology from Duke University. Her research interests include: effects of sleep and sleep loss on waking cognitive performance and executive function; factors influencing recovery rate from chronic sleep loss; neurophysiological changes associated with sleep loss and recovery sleep; individual differences in and predictors of vulnerability or resiliency to sleep deprivation; and countermeasures to detrimental effects of sleep loss on cognition and waking function.

Last Modified Date: 26-Apr-2010