Training Reporting Requirements

Annual Summary

An annual summary report presenting a description of the training and research accomplishments to date shall be submitted within 30 calendar
days after the anniversary date of the award and yearly thereafter. Preferred method of submission is electronically (in PDF or PC Word file only) to Problems accessing this web site should be addressed to the DHA Global Service Center at 1-800-600-9332. Alternative method to submit the report would be to send hard copy (original plus two Xerox copies) to Commander, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, ATTN: MRMC-IM, 810 Schreider Street, Fort Detrick, MD 21702-5000.

The content of the annual summary report should address the training and research accomplishments associated with the tasks outlined in the approved Statement of Work. Any technical or unexpected difficulties encountered and/or any deviations from the original Statement of Work should be addressed in the body of the report. Journal articles can be substituted for detailed descriptions of specific aspects of the research/training, but the original articles must be attached to the report as an appendix and appropriately referenced in the text.

Reports shall have the following elements in this order: front cover, Standard Form (SF 298), table of contents, introduction, body, key research accomplishments, reportable outcomes, conclusions, references, and appendices. Pages shall be consecutively numbered throughout the report. DO NOT RENUMBER PAGES IN THE APPENDICES BUT DO INCLUDE THE APPENDICES IN THE PAGE COUNT IN BLOCK 15 ON THE SF 298. Mark all pages of the report which contain proprietary or unpublished data that should be protected. DO NOT USE THE WORD "CONFIDENTIAL" WHEN MARKING DOCUMENTS.

FRONT COVER: The content of the Annual Summary report will determine which cover should be used for the report. Distribution statements are defned as follows:

  1. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT A: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
    1. This statement may be used only on unclassified technical documents that have been cleared for public release by competent authority in accordance with DoD Directive 5230.9. Technical documents resulting from contracted fundamental research efforts will normally be assigned Distribution Statement A, except for those rare and exceptional circumstances where there is a high likelihood of disclosing performance characteristics of military systems, or of manufaturing technologies that are unique and critical to Defense, and agreement on this situation has been recorded in the contract or grant.
    2. Technical documents with this statement may be made available or sold to the public and foreign nationals, companies, and governments, including adversary governments, and may be exported.
  2. DISTRIBUTION STATEMENT B: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies only (fill in reason) (date of determination). Other requests for this document shall be referred to (insert controlling DoD office)
    1. This statement may be used on unclassified technical documents
    2. Reasons for assigning distribution statement B include:
      • Foreign Government Information - To protect and limit distribution in accordance with the desires of the foreign government that furnished the technical information. Information of this type normally is classified at the CONFIDENTIAL level or higher in accordance with DoD 5200.1-R. Proprietary Information - To protect information not owned by the U.S. Government and protected by a contractors "limited rights" statement, or received with the understanding that it not be routinely transmitted outside the U.S. Government.
      • Proprietary Information - To protect information not owned by the U.S. Government and protected by a contractors "limited rights" statement, or received with the understanding that it not be routinely transmitted outside the U.S. Government.

    From the list below select the front cover template appropriate for your required report type and Distribution Statement. Note, the Accession Document (AD) Number should be left blank.

    STANDARD FORM 298: Following are instructions and blank Standard Forms 298 (SF 298) in both Word and PDF formats:

    STANDARD FORM 298: Here is a blank SF 298 in Word Format (44 KB) and a blank SF 298 in PDF Format (97 KB). Here are Instructions for completing the SF298 (34 KB).

    The abstract in Block 14 must state the purpose, scope, major findings and be an up-to-date report of the progress in terms of results and significance. Subject terms are keywords that may have been previously assigned to the proposal abstract or are keywords that may be significant to the research. The number of pages shall include all pages that have printed data (including the front cover, SF 298, table of contents, and all appendices). Please count pages carefully to ensure legibility and that there are no missing pages as this delays processing of reports. Page numbers should be typed: please do not hand number pages.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS: Here is a sample table of contents (25 KB) in Word template format.

    The text of the report must include all sections addressed in the table of contents to include:

    1. a bulleted list of key research and trainging accomplishments emanating from this training grant.
    2. a list of reportable outcomes that have emanated from this training grant to include:
      • manuscripts, abstracts, presentations;
      • licenses applied for and/or issued;
      • degrees obtained that are supported by this training grant;
      • development of cell lines, tissue or serum repositories;
      • infomatics such as databases and animal models, etc.;
      • funding applied for based on work supported by this training grant;
      • employment or research opportunities applied for and/or received based on experience/training supported by this grant

    APPENDICES: Attach all appendices that contain information that supplements, clarifies or supports the text. Examples include original copies of journal articles, reprints of manuscripts and abstracts, a curriculum vitae, study questionnaires, and surveys, etc.

    SUPPORTING DATA: All figures and/or tables shall include legends and be clearly marked with figure/table numbers.

Last Modified Date: 05-Jul-2017