Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (DEPSCOR)


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A program to stimulate Defense-related R&D in states not traditionally receiving significant amounts of federal support for science and engineering.

Technology Maturity Level

6.1 basic research.

Award Size

Typically $250K - $300K.

Program Size

About $25M.

Selection Criteria for Draft Topics


Topic Format


Selection Criteria for Proposals
  • Scientific quality
  • Military relevance
  • Expansion of university's capacity to perform defense-related research
  • Personnel qualifications
  • Actual or proposed interactions with other established R&D organizations
  • Quality of resource analysis and request.
USAMRMC Participation

Command participation is indirect, by establishing collaborative relationships with eligible universities and encouraging proposal submission to the program.

Public solicitation opens Aug
Solicitation closes Nov
Awards announced Dec
  • Fluid Resuscitation in Controlled Hemorrhagic Shock (University of Arkansas)
  • In Situ Genetic Modification of Natural Microbial Communities with Genes of Value for Bioremediation (University of Idaho)
  • Molecular Analysis of the Olfactory G-Protein Golf (University of Kansas)
  • Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Optical Power Limiting Dendrimers with Greatly Enhanced Two-Photon Cross-Sections (Montana State University)
  • In Situ Survival Mechanisms of Sulfate-reducing Bacteria in Polluted Marine Sediments (University of Oklahoma).
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