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Delivering the Best Medical Solutions to Support Our Armed Forces Worldwide

The nation's military forces may be called to serve anywhere in the world during times of conflict or peace.

Among the threats our forces face are injury from combat operations, exposure to chemical or biological warfare agents, environmental extremes, and endemic diseases not common in the United States. A complex and diverse organization, USAMRMC protects and sustains the health and fighting ability of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines through its programs in medical research, medical materiel development, medical logistics and facility planning, medical information systems, and development of new technologies to improve military health care on the battlefield. The Command is engaged in a broad spectrum of activity, from basic research in the laboratory to innovative product acquisition and the fielding and lifecycle management of medical equipment and supplies for deploying units.

Six laboratories make up the Command's core science and technology capability. These centers of excellence specialize in various areas of biomedical research, including infectious diseases, combat casualty care, operational medicine, and chemical and biological defense, and are staffed by highly qualified military and civilian scientists and support personnel. In addition, a large extramural contract research program and numerous cooperative research and development (R&D) agreements with leading organizations in the civilian sector complement the Command's in-house science and technology capabilities. To support its vision and mission, USAMRMC continually strives to advance the R&D of medical products and technologies to support our Armed Forces. It does this by forging collaborations with researchers, businesses, and other organizations through its unique extramural research funding programs.

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Last Modified Date: 15-Sep-2016