USAMRMC Celebrates George Ludwig's Induction into the Senior Executive Service

Maj. Gen. Barbara R. Holcomb presents Dr. George Ludwig with his Senior Executive Service Flag

Maj. Gen. Barbara R. Holcomb, commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick, presented Dr. George Ludwig with his Senior Executive Service Flag during his SES induction ceremony. (Photo by Crystal Maynard, USAMRMC Public Affairs)

The U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command celebrated the induction of Dr. George V. Ludwig into the Senior Executive Service at Fort Detrick, Maryland, Feb. 21.

Ludwig is now a member of a very prestigious rank of civil service. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, the Senior Executive Service lead America's workforce. These leaders possess well-honed executive skills and share a broad perspective on government and a public service commitment that is grounded in the Constitution.

Beginning his career in 1990, Ludwig has served nearly 27 years as a federal employee, and almost all of it within the USAMRMC or at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, a USAMRMC subcommand, and it has all lead to his current role as the director of the USAMRMC's Principal Assistant for Research and Technology office.

Ludwig's personal mantra is that of a man deeply committed to his job and to his ultimate customer: the men and women in uniform serving the country.

"I am honored to be here. I am happy to serve. I am here for the good of the command, the good of the Army, the good of the Department of Defense, and the good of the country," shared Ludwig.

In his position, Ludwig is responsible for the scientific oversight and direction of the USAMRMC's Science and Technology programs in military operational medicine, combat casualty care, military infectious diseases, advanced technology, medical chemical and biological defense and Congressionally Directed Special Interest Research programs. He also has oversight of the Army and Defense Health Program research conducted at the command's worldwide system of laboratories, six in the continental U.S. and three across the globe.

"George has helped to develop and implement policies, facilitated partnerships, led the establishment of laboratories and ensured capabilities across the command," said USAMRMC and Fort Detrick Commanding General Maj. Gen. Barbara R. Holcomb during her remarks.

"We will look to him as we take on new challenges in the future. Challenges like the Multi-Domain Battle Concept. His expertise and experience will help us to evaluate and determine how the Command provides for the Warfighter. We know that George will be there to challenge us, to provide alternative solutions and ultimately to help us succeed. This ceremony signifies George's extraordinary leadership of the men and women, both military and civilian, who work to protect the Warfighter and our freedom every day."

Holcomb administered Ludwig his service oath before ceremoniously pinning him with his SES pin and presenting him with his SES flag.

Joining Ludwig at the ceremony were his wife Betty, daughter Emily, sister Sharon, and mother Rosalie. Unable to make to the ceremony were his sons Kevin and Kyle and sisters Rose and Kathy.

Ludwig thanked his family for their sacrifices during his career, and he thanked both his mother for his love of medicine, and his late father for his love of science. It all led to a career path that while not planned, made perfect sense.

During a touching tribute, Ludwig displayed his father's own SES certificate for his work at NASA.

"I would like to thank my dad for all that he taught me. He always supported me and my career. Some people joke about rocket science being hard. Well, my dad was a rocket scientist!" he laughed.

USAMRMC's own Col. Colin Green sang the national anthem.

Referencing Ludwig's love of the outdoors and hiking, Holcomb shared, "George demonstrates his ability to keep going, to put one foot in front of the other, in order to reach that next summit. Always looking to what that next mile marker will bring or what he can bring to it. Professionally, that commitment has led to a fulfilling career and the ability to contribute profoundly in each role he has held. George's career with MRMC, his accomplishments and his desire to see the success of this command are indicative of his position as an SES and as a true keystone of this organization."

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Last Modified Date: 23-Feb-2017