USAMMCE's Host Nation City Unveils Sculpture

6-meter tall western boot sculpture

Daniel Flemm, sculpture builders Thomas and Maria Schmidt, sculpture donator Bernd Hummel, Lt. Col Sean McMurry, Lord Mayor Dr. Bernhard Matheis, Maj. Carla Berger, Capt. Andrew Wilson and county representative Richard Lutz stand in front of the 6-meter tall western boot donated to symbolize the bond between the U.S. military on Husterhoeh Kaserne in Germany and the host city of Pirmasens. (Photo courtesy of USAMMCE)

U.S. Army Medical Materiel Center - Europe officers were among 80 invited guests at the unveiling of a new landmark in German base Husterhoeh Kaserne's host nation city of Pirmasens Sept. 24.

This new 'eye-catcher,' a 6-meter tall blue western boot, was donated by Bernd Hummel, a local entrepreneur and patron of the arts. The boot was placed on the traffic circle, known as P-Town circle, between Husterhoeh Kaserne, the home of the USAMMCE, and B-270, the road leading to Kaiserslautern.

During his emotional speech, 65-year-old Hummel started reminiscing on the Pirmasens of the 1950s and 60s, talking about how he was given his first stick of chewing gum by an American Soldier and how he used to listen to American Forces Network radio.

He said he always felt a deep connection to the U.S. military, as did most people in Pirmasens.

"Enemies became friends, and we realized that the American Soldiers were only people with the same strengths and fears like the rest of us," said Hummel.

Like many of his generation, he was curious about the American culture with its petticoats, cars and music, and he wanted to learn more about the 'New World.' By donating this boot, he wanted to pay tribute to his hometown and his American friends.

"The boot symbolizes the bond between the U.S. military on Husterhoeh Kaserne and the host city of Pirmasens, with its tradition as a garrison town and as the "shoe capitol" of Germany," said Lord Mayor Bernhard Matheis in his speech.

Lt. Col. Sean McMurry thanked Mr. Hummel in the name of team USAMMCE for dedicating this boot to the German-American friendship.

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Last Modified Date: 01-Oct-2014