Two MRMC Employees Participate in Army Medicine Strategic Learning Project

Tracy Ulderich (center) and Sheralyn Wright (right) met with Army Medical Department Civilian Corps Chief Gregg Stevens during their time participating in the AMEDD Strategic Learning Project at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. (Courtesy Photo)

In February and March, two personnel assigned to U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command subordinate commands participated in the Army Medical Department Civilian Corps Strategic Learning Project to gain experience and learn from senior leaders.

Tracy Ulderich, assigned to the U.S. Army Materiel and Medical Activity, and the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research's Sheralyn Wright traveled to the AMEDD Civilian Corps Chief Office at Joint Base San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where they spent a month working on strategic projects in support of the Civilian Corps mission. These short-term assignments provide participants the opportunity to learn about the Civilian Corps and the workings of the Corps Chief's office, gain hands-on experience working on a Civilian Corps initiative, and present the project results to the Senior Executives and Senior Leaders from Army Medicine and other major commands.

Wright's project was to develop and create a comprehensive catalog of all training and development available to the AMEDD Civilian Corps, and Ulderich was tasked with updating and modernizing the Civilian Corps website.

Both Ulderich and Wright enjoyed their projects and felt that the experience broadened their knowledge and will assist them in their roles at their commands.

"This was a great experience, and I would love to repeat it or do an assignment with them on another project," shared Wright, who is the chief of the USAISR Quality Management Division. "I learned a great deal, met many professionals that I can network and leverage in my role here in the USAISR, and was able to complete a project that I think will benefit many civilians in the AMEDD."

Ulderich, USAMMDA chief of Regulatory Operations, concurred and added, "I enjoyed sharing my knowledge, energy and expertise with the office, and I certainly appreciated all that they shared with myself and my compadre, Cheryl, while we were there in Fort Sam Houston. The learning and additional knowledge about training programs and how our MEDCOM works will enable me to be a better leader and help others when seeking opportunities. The fellowship and care with the team was also enabling to build my cadre of smart people to reach out to when I have questions in a particular area."

Having the opportunity to meet each other was also a highlight for Ulderich and Wright.

"I work very closely with USAMMDA in my role overseeing the Quality System in the USAISR in our role as Medical Device Manufacturers. We had a great common ground to begin with, and we also worked very well together. I'm still in contact with Tracy for work, but personally as well," shared Wright.

The Strategic Learning Project was a learning experience that Ulderich and Wright feel that is worth the work and time to apply.

"Go for it!" said Wright. "If you don't get selected the first time, keep trying, and check their website for updates on the Strategic Learning Project as well as other development opportunities."

"Shameless plug! Visit their website!" Ulderich added. "There's a wealth of information and additional resources that can help you navigate your development and those you lead."

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Last Modified Date: 05-Jun-2018